Addr: Miss Marjorie Hayne

Salem, Oregon
Febr. 18, 1942
8:05 P.M.

Dear Marjorie:

Got your letter this morning, and this is the first chance I’ve had to answer.

Forgot to tell you that I received and enjoyed your valentine. I really can’t understand how a little valentine could bring such a thrill. You can’t realize how it thrilled me. The valentine, as well as a certain little blue hanky are with me at all times.

I was down town today, right at noon time, so I drove by the State office building, hoping to see you. There were girls going in every direction, but I couldn’t see Marge, and I drove clear around the block, too. It’s awfully disappointing to come so near, and yet not get to see you.

Really, little princess, I get an awful thrill out of your letters, and got even a greater one out of talking to you on the phone the other night. So far, regimental headquarters hasn’t objected to people calling in, and I can call out on the phone in the riding hall. There’s always quite a line there, but anytime I can get a chance to call you, I sure will do it. Of course, I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

I’m almost certain that we’ll be free for the dance Friday, so I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that you’ll be there. Please don’t disappoint me.

Now, to answer your questions. First, I’ve been in Salem since the Saturday before we met. How long ago was that? In the army, as it is now, it’s very hard to keep track of time. If I recollect correctly, I landed here just before the first of this month, which would make my residence here about three weeks old. (2) Yes, I was at Fort Lewis before coming here to Oregon. We left the fort the day after war was declared, and went to Corvallis, where we stayed until we moved here to Salem. On account of a certain little princess, I’m sure glad we moved up here.

Third: The 24th of February will be my first anniversary in the service. Before enlisting in the 115th, I was one of those insurance men. I was assistant manager and janitor or an agency at home. There were only three of us there, the boss, myself, and another fellow. We handled all lines of insurance but life. As for my part, I took care of renewals and collections mostly. Did part of the bookkeeping, too, and part of the janitor work. When the draft came up, I decided that I may as well go with my own home-town boys, so I enlisted in the 115th, and here I is.

Like you, I also enjoy all of Johann Strauss’ work. You spoke of the beautiful gowns worn in the days of Strauss. They couldn’t compare with your little blue gown. And there weren’t any girls as sweet as you in those days.

I’m glad you enjoyed the roses. Wish it could have been orchids.

Please let me know the definition of a buccaneer. And you may have noticed it but I was in a sort of a purple fog all the time I was with you, so I really don’t remember whether or not you gave me the definition of an icicle, so whether you did or not, it will be necessary for you to tell me again, if I’m to be enlightened upon that subject.

Since the last dance, there have been a few more added to our our organization, and perhaps there won’t be as many girls as before, so I’m afraid I’ll be the one who has to worry about getting to dance with you. You know, when it’s as it was last time, the girls will dance with anyone, but if there are less girls and more soldiers, the girls can better afford to be choosey. What I really hope is that the girls and boys come out even. Any time I get to spend with you will be pure delight, I can assure you.

I must close now. Write as soon and as often as you can. See you Friday night, I hope. I’ll be thinking of you, as I have ever since meeting you.


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