90-’leven Times

Addr: Miss Marjorie Haind*

Salem, Oregon
March 20, 1942

Dearest Marge:

Here I am again, trying to keep up on my correspondence with you. Lately, I haven’t done so well, because right now I think you must be two or three letters ahead of me.

I really do enjoy your letters more than I can say. And my greatest enjoyment in life is being with you. There just couldn’t be anyone else whose company I enjoy more than I do yours. Like you say, each time we’re together it becomes harder for me to say “good bye.” When we parted Wednesday nite, I turned back two or three times to see if I could see you, but the street was so dark that I couldn’t see you at all.

I can’t for the life of me feature myself feeling differently about us. Perhaps such a thing can happen, but I don’t see how. It’s not impossible, we have to admit that, but in my case it is so very improbable that it’s nearly impossible. The way I feel about you and about us, the more determined I am that our dreams are going to come true as far as I am able to make them. We’ve had some beautiful and extravagant dreams, haven’t we? If only part of them come true, we’ll be awfully happy.

I just tried to call the sweetest girl in the world a few moments before I started writing this, but she was getting the exercise which makes her such a fe charming personality and seemingly boundless energy. Each time I think of you and how I enjoy being with you, it makes me wish this war were over, and we could start making our future instead of merely dreaming about it. But for the time, we’ll have to be content with dreaming.

I’ve been interrupted about 90-‘leven times already in writing this, so if it’s kinda mixed up, blame it on that, if you please.

You know, I think you’re very lucky in your choice of landladies. Mrs. Jensen is just the person to see that you take care of yourself. I most certainly don’t want you to get sick.

Sweetheart, I must close now. Be real good, and try to love me as I love you.

Always your,

*This is the first time that our hero has spelled correctly his sweetheart’s surname. It remains correct from this point on, and I’ll be omitting the address line in future posts.

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