You Are The One

Fairgrounds – 10:30 pm
March 28, I think.
Sat. nite, anyway.


Just another note before I retire for the evening. I really don’t know how to express the full extent of my feelings for you. No matter how I try, I never seem to find enough words to fully express myself. I guess fluency and the fine art of making love are not among my strong points. I think you understand, without my telling you, that I do love you very, very much, and that it is my greatest ambition to make you happy. I’ll never be satisfied until I’m sure that I have made you completely happy. Of course, you are most definitely not a sad sort of person, but I want to some day feel that I have materially contributed toward your complete happiness. If only we could have more time together, perhaps I could find words expressive enough to fit my feelings. If doesn’t seem possible that love could have conquered me completely in such a short time. From the very first time I saw you, I’ve dreamed of you. Dreamed of being with you; of doing the things we’ve talked about; of going to the places we’ve always wanted to see.

Perhaps the reason I’ve never fallen in love before meeting you is becauseĀ to me, love brings marriage, and the first girl I marry is the only one. My religion is very strict on the matter of divorce, and I feel in my own heart that there is something immoral about divorce and remarriage. Not especially divorce, but remarriage. When I marry, it is for keeps, and up until I met you, there has never been a girl before you with whom I could visualize spending the rest of my life. I’ve always dreamed of being married and establishing a home, but until you came along, it was rather a vague sort of dream. Now it all seems clear to me. You are the one with whom I want to spend the balance of my days. You are the one whose happiness and security I want to establish. Making you happy is all I need to make me happy.

Darling, it seems easier for me to put on paper just how I feel in this matter, but I always wonder just what your reaction is when you read my epistles. If they sound silly to you, blame it on your own sweet personality, your beauty, your charm.

Knowing that you will be waiting for me, will enable me to endure a lot more than I otherwise could, and such knowledge makes me want to do more towards ending this war.

I must close now. Stay as sweet as you are. Try to love


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