Another Furlough Rumor

10 August 1942


Here’s the letter I promised you when I left last night.

You certainly didn’t miss it when you said that I’d be good and tired today, because I’ve been practically dead all day long. But if I had had the chance, I’d have turned right around and gone straight back to Salem. Never slept a wink all the way up here. Talked with Al all the way, but my mind wasn’t on the conversation at all. I kept thinking of our week-end, and of how much I missed you. Each parting becomes a little harder than the one before. Some of these days it’s going to be absolutely impossible to leave you. When that day comes, it just means that you’re going to have to come with me or I’m going to have to stay with you. That’s all there is to it.

I’ve recalled our moments together a dozen times every hour today. How we took in the sights at Silver Creek Falls, how you “dropped” your ice cream cone, how we waded in the creek, how you choked on the cigarette smoke, our ride together, all alone with each other. All the little things we said and did during the week-end. If our being together means half as much to you as it does to me, you’re indeed a happy person, because I’m practically delirious with happiness all the time we’re together. To walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm with you; to ride with you snuggled close to me; to hold you in my arms and crush you and smother you with kisses. Those are the things I enjoy. You’re so beautiful, so charming, so much alive! It’s so darned enjoyable just to be with you, that no matter where we go or what we do, we always have fun, just because we enjoy each other’s company so much. Guess the simple answer is that we’re in love. Whether we’re alone together or in a crowd, we seem to be in a world of our own.

That crazy J.P. is here now, eating grapes, reading a magazine, making crazy remarks. He gets nuttier every day, I swear. There just isn’t anyone else like J.P., thank heaven!

Hope if I can get down there this week-end, I can make it early enough so that we can do a little shopping for rings. We’d better make all our preparations while we can, because we have so little time together to do such things. There’s another furlough rumor around, but as usual, there’s nothing to back it up. Sure wish it could come to pass, but I won’t take any stock in it until it happens for sure.

Darling, it seems almost too good to be true when I realize that you love me, too. It doesn’t seem possible that such could be, but if it’s all a dream, I only hope I never awaken from it.

It’s sure swell outside tonight. Wish we were spending the evening together. It’s just 9:10 now. Wonder what you’re doing?

You seemed so lonely-looking last night as I left, and I felt so strongly about having to leave you, that it wouldn’t have taken much to have made me just bring you along, or if you wouldn’t come, just stay there with you. I don’t know just how to describe my feelings at the time, but I know you must realize how hard it was for me to leave you. The day we realize that we’ll never have to part again is going to be very, very happy for me, I know. It certainly can’t come any too soon for me.

Forgot to tell you darling, that I love you. Went to Salem just for that, and then forgot to do it — or did I?

Will talk to Al tomorrow about taking his car down Saturday, and try to make some arrangements for a pass. Will write you again tomorrow or tomorrow evening.

Do you know all the rigamarole we have to go through to get a marriage license? Please try to find out, will you, darling? Now that we have set a more definite time, it seems that I think of something different every time that has to be done. Hopkins, you lucky stiff, you don’t deserve such a wife as you’re getting, so don’t let her get away from you, whatever you do. There aren’t any more like Margie, anywhere.

Must close now, darling. Write soon, please. I love you more every moment, you know that.

Give my best regards to all the Jensens.

Goodnight, darling.



Ed. Note—This letter has a bit of shorthand at the end of the letter. If you can read Gregg shorthand and you’d like to take a stab at what it says, please do type it out in the Comments!

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