Things Have Happened

11 August 1942



Just have to write a short letter to you. Not much time to write very much.

Today has been pretty busy for me. And things have happened, too. The first thing that happened was that they announced that furlough and 3-day passes were in order. The next thing, I was called before the officer’s candidate board. Now I’m all confused, but really confused.

Talked to Al just before he left today, and he’s not sure what he wants to do about sending the car down. They don’t know whether they’ll be there for two days or two weeks, so he is going to write me and let me know. In any event, I’m going to try to get down there for the week-end. I should know by Friday noon just what the score is, and whether or not I can get down, and if so, how. If I don’t bring the car down, how would it be if we met in Portland? Please write and let me know your idea on the subject. If we meet in Portland, where would me meet? etc. If I can catch the 1:00 bus out of Olympia, I’d arrive in Portland at 5:40. The 1:30 bus would arrive there at 6:10. I’m just mentioning those so if we should decide to meet there, we wouldn’t be too confused about details. I’ll wire you Friday afternoon if possible, or else call you. If it is impossible for me to get a pass as far away as Portland, could you come up here? I don’t like to have you come so far, but I want so badly to see you. Please write me by return mail your reaction to the ideas.

I’ve missed you more than ever during the past few days. It’s been pretty lonesome for me since 9:00 Sunday evening. I want to much to talk to you regarding our plans in the light of today’s happenings. There’s so much to say, I can hardly get it all said in a letter.

Darling, I wish we were already married, and that you were with me now. I love you so very much that it really sorta hurts, but it’s a pleasant kind of pain.

I’m going to write home tonite and have Mom send me some of my money so I can be ready for whatever comes up.

I don’t have but a very few moments in which to do my writing home, so will close this. Write as soon as possible, darling.

Just had another thought. If you don’t hear from me by phone or wire by Friday evening at 8, call me at Regimental Headquarters 115th Cavalry, and I’ll try to be at the phone. If I’m not right at the phone, I’ll be notified to call you, and I’ll call right back. Hope to have it all cleared up before you have to do that. I can’t call you over the regimental phone, but if I happen to be there when you call, I can talk to you. If you do hear from me and can’t for any reason to arrange it to meet me, if that is what has to be, call me. In any event, I’ll be at the phone at 8:00 until 9:00 or 9:30 Friday evening. If you do call, it will have to be between those hours or it won’t do any good. I’m getting things rather involved, but I want to make sure that we can make connections. Guess the best thing to do would be for us to get together by phone Friday evening, so I’ll call you about 7:30.

Now I do have to close this. Expect a call from me at 7:30 Friday evening. It may be later if I have trouble getting through.

I just gotta see you over the week-end, no matter what.

Goodnight, darling. I love you.

Your loving,

Ed. Note—This letter has a bit of shorthand at the end of the letter. If you can read Gregg shorthand and you’d like to take a stab at what it says, please do type it out in the Comments!

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