Mom Was So Tickled

18 August 1942

My Darling:

Never got the chance to get a letter written to you yesterday, and it is now pretty late, so I won’t have much chance to write much tonite.

We got in here about 3 A.M. Monday. Up at 6, put in the most nerve-wracking day of my entire career, and worked until 3 A.M. today. Up again at 6 this morning and have been on the go all day up until just about 15 minutes ago.

Darling, I’ve had you constantly on my mind ever since the moment your bus left the depot. It’s so darned hard to say goodbye to you. Harder each time I have to do it. The more I think of having to leave you, the more I think I don’t want to go to school. Suppose I’m silly, but I hate to think of being so far from you for so long.

Our week-end was perfect for me, in spite of the heat and in spite of the fact that we were afoot. Speaking of feet, how is your sore one? Hope it’s all cleared up by now.

Sweetheart, if we were only married, how much more simple it would be, or wouldn’t it? I couldn’t love you any more than I do now, but I wish we were already Mr. + Mrs.

The band got back today, so I suppose Al will be going to Salem this week-end. I’d like to wangle a three-day pass starting either Friday or Saturday, but am not sure I can manage it. Hope to see you over the week-end, three-day pass or not. In fact, I’m going to see you. Will talk to Al tomorrow about his plans. If I come down with him, it will be the usual, leaving Saturday noon and coming back Sunday nite. But if I can get a 3-day pass starting at 6 A.M. Friday or Saturday and ending at 6 AM Monday or Tuesday, that would really be the ticket. By doing that, I might be able to get away from here the nite before, and be in Salem when the pass started. Hope I can work out something like that. I still don’t know whether it would be better if we married now or waited until later. Will call you Thursday nite about 7:30, so please be sure to wait for the call. I can tell you better then about what I can do in the way of a pass.

Went into the P.X. and tried to get you a saber, but they were out. If I can’t get one here, I’ll have to wait until I get to Fort Riley. Don’t forget, it will cost you a penny, so you’d better start saving.

Was down to see the dentist this morning, and my teeth will be ready Thursday morning. They are already pretty well along.

As far as I know, we will leave here about Thursday or Friday of next week. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty busy days, getting things all cleared up here.

Got the money from home today yesterday. I had planned to not let them know at home when I was coming, but I slipped, and dropped them a short line during a slack moment today. Mom was so tickled to hear that furloughs were in order, and she sure wants me to come home. Five days isn’t much to look forward to, but it’s better than nothing.

Must close now, darling, as the lights will be out in a few minutes. Will call you Thursday for sure.


Ed. Note—This letter has a bit of shorthand at the end of the letter. If you can read Gregg shorthand and you’d like to take a stab at what it says, please do type it out in the Comments!

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