Still Blowing Strong

ED. NOTE: Two letters in one day? Not exactly. I post Jim’s letters not by when they were written, but according to the postmark, to more accurately reflect when Margie was reading them. This letter is dated the 6th, and today’s other letter is dated the 5th, but both were posted at the same time.

Ft. Riley
Sept. 6, 1942


Just time for a note to tell you that I love you and miss you very, very much. Today was busy again, as usual. Got a lot of books, etc., to start school with. We had study period from 6:30 to 8:30, and it is now 8:45. They gave us an idea on what to expect, and how to conduct ourselves.

We’re going to be awfully busy from now on out, and no fooling. But I’ll always have time to miss you and think of you.

Please send the copy of our marriage certificate as soon as you can, so I can get things straightened out on my records.

Hope you have recovered from your sniffles, as I have not. Still blowing strong. It was pretty hot today, and I perspired quite freely, so I may shake it, although it is just a head cold.

I must close now, mail this, get my laundry ready, shave, and shower in 30 minutes.

Goodnight, darling wife. Your husband misses you and closes with a million kisses from


P.S.—I love you.

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