Forget the Radio

Ft. Riley
Sept. 17, 1942


I got your letter yesterday noon, finally. Thank you for the marriage certificate.

To tell you the exact truth, I’ve been just a bit lonely for you, little princess. When you wrote about crying in your pillow, I nearly cried myself. I could just see my darling little wife in that situation, although it’s hard to imagine you crying, really. But knowing how I feel makes it more easily understood.

It was too bad about Mrs. La Garie, she was so darned nice. I hope it isn’t too hard on Mr. La Garie.

Glad you have a radio to keep you company. Wish I could keep you company and we could forget the radio.

Darling, I’m sorry you’ve been so lonely. Please try to grin and bear it. We should be able to get all our affairs straightened out in time to allow us to get back together as soon as school is over. I don’t have to buy boots and breeches, which cut my uniform cost about $7500. And we figured out that a married second lieut. gets $251 or $252 dollars per month, so we should be able to get along pretty well, don’t you think so? So far, we haven’t signed this month’s payroll as yet. Expect to tomorrow or the next day. Sure hope they decide to pay us the first, anyway, although we don’t get much of an opportunity to spend money. Tried again today to get you a saber, but no dice yet.

Every time anyone mentions “spare time” to me, it nearly kills me. Practically every moment from 5:30 AM until 8:30 or 9:00 PM is taken up with something or other.

Sure hope Doc’s finger has taken a turn for the better. Give him and Nell both my very best regards, won’t you? Also tell Mrs. Jensen I think she’s pretty nice, too. I’m afraid I’ll have to let you do all the “thanking” for the wedding gifts, on account of the scarcity of time around here.

I’m awfully sorry I neglected to send you a list for wedding announcements, but will do it at the earliest opportunity.

I’m sorry we seem to have hurt the feelings of both your parents and mine, but as you say, we have to live our own lives, and we feel deep inside ourselves that we have done right. I could never love anyone else as I do you, darling. So let’s not worry about it. We have to be a little bit selfish, I guess.

Yes, sweetheart, I got your other two letters, as you probably know by my preceding letters.

Darling, if you feel too lonely, why don’t you go home? We’ll make out some way or other. I don’t want you to be lonely, at least not if there’s anything we can do about it.

Sweet, I love you, and your letters, and I really need your letters, too, though I don’t have as much time to myself as you do.

They’re going to turn out the lights in just a moment, so will close now.

I love you darling, and miss you very much. Please keep your chin up.

Write as often as you can. Goodnight, darling little wife.

Your loving husband,

P.S-I love you.

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