1686 Hours Until Graduation

Ft. Riley
Sept. 20, 1942


Here I am again, remember me? Only 10 more weeks of school to go, which is an awfully long time to my way of thinking. Believe me, it really seems like a long time since last I saw you. It is approximately 1686 hours until graduation, or more closely figured, about 1650.

Darling, I got my records straightened out a bit yesterday. Got my beneficiary changed from my Mother to my wife. Also did a little look-shopping for uniforms, etc. Still no sabers, sweetheart, but I’m still trying.

If things work out as they should, I should be able to send you somewhere between $75 and $90 this coming pay day. I won’t need very much around here during October, though maybe I should do some real shopping. Will find out for sure, and send you all I can as soon as pay day comes. I told you I’d send you $35 each month, but if I send you all I can the first check, you can get rid of some of your obligations right away and have them out of your way. During November, however, I won’t be able to send very much, if any, as I’ll have to be buying uniforms during that month. The way I figured it out last night it will cost right around $215°°. Out of that, the gov’t. gives me $150°° cash on the day I graduate, and with that, it won’t be hard to get the rest out of my Nov. 1st payday. Then I’ll get my pay up until the 28th of Nov. on graduation day. So please don’t feel that I’m robbing myself at all when I send you money.

Didn’t go to the party last nite. It was just a drinking bout, as I thought it would be, and in the first place, I didn’t feel like drinking, and in the second place, I didn’t feel that it would be right to go in there with very little cash in hand, and expect someone else to foot the bills. Guess I’m just not built that way. I have enough to carry me comfortably thru the month, but not enough to allow for a party, especially a drinking party.

Three of us went to the show here on the post today last nite. Saw a double feature, which wasn’t too good, but good enough that we didn’t regret going.

Seems like all I want to do on Sundays is sit around, or lie around and doze. Kinda think I’ll go horseback riding next Sunday.

The weather here has certainly changed. It rained pretty good Friday nite, and yesterday and today were pretty cool, no fooling.

Thought I’d have a letter from you yesterday or today, but no dice. There’s mail call now, maybe there’s one now. I’ll go see, and come back and finish. Nope, no mail.

Got a letter from Mom today, and she’s going to write you. As I told you, she felt awfully bad about my not being married in the church, and I was afraid she would think that it was your fault, but she wrote that she felt that I did wrong by not being married by a priest, but that she did not feel that you were to blame. I don’t know just how to put it, darling, but she will probably tell you when she writes. The family are all crazy to meet you, and Mom and Dad are thoroughly sold on you. When Mom writes, please try to understand how she feels, won’t you? I told her that we were going to have it straightened out with the church as soon as possible. I know and realize that we must live our own lives, but I believe, and I feel that you will too, that if we can keep our parents happy and still not interfere with our own happiness, it will be so much the better. I hope to be able to find time this week to write to your parents and explain how we took such a sudden notion to be married as we were.

Please, darling, try to see Mom’s side of the thing, but remember, I love you very much, and forever. I want to make you happy above all, but I’d like to erase the hurt I’ve caused her as much as I can. Being the only son, she rather chose me as her favorite, and in her eyes, I was the tops, so by doing as I did, I rather put myself down in her estimation. She doesn’t feel that you should join the church now or ever, if you don’t want to.

Please try to understand, darling that Mom isn’t trying to interfere in our lives in any way, it’s only that she doesn’t want me to be excommunicated. And please don’t feel that our difference in religion will ever come between us, either. I want so much to make you happy, but as I said, I want to redeem myself in the eyes of my parents and yours, too.

Darling, I hope you won’t misunderstand what I have written. Please don’t let yourself misunderstand. As you can see, I’m counting the hours until we can be together again. I’ve told you before that I never want to hurt you, and I still mean it, so please try to understand. I know you will.

I must close now, as study hall is about to start. Write to me soon, darling.

Your loving husband,

P.S. I’m enclosing the list of addresses you wanted. I’m awfully sorry I didn’t send them sooner.



[Ed. Note: A list of a dozen or so names/addresses follows, mostly in Casper, Wyoming]

Guess that’s about all I can think of now, darling.


Good night now, darling. Write me soon, please, and please try to understand me.

I love you, Margie.
Your loving husband

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