Hot Lips

Ft. Riley, Kansas.
Sept. 24, I think.

Margie darling:

Got your letter at noon today, and to tell you the truth, I was worried about you. Haven’t had the chance to call or write or anything else during the past few days, but I had intended to send you a night letter tonite if I hadn’t heard from you today. The past three days, we have been going out in the country and doing quite a lot of machine-gun firing, and when study period is over for the day, we’re really ready for the hay, no fooling. It has been pretty darned cool here, but there has been quite a stiff breeze, and my face is dry and chapped. You really should be near me now, because I have hot lips, and I do mean hot lips. They’re dry and chapped, too.

We spent two days crawling around on the ground, dragging machine guns, and it really was work. My elbows and knees really feel the effects of that worming around on hard ground. As you probably have guessed, I’m writing this in study hall, and keeping an eye peeled for officers.

No, sweet, I didn’t get any of my teeth hurt or anything, just the clamps jarred loose.

Darling, I’ve looked at our pictures taken the day of our wedding a hundred times or more, and each time I look, you are more beautiful. Especially the one where you are standing alone in your wedding gown. That one is really perfect, darling. Whenever I look at it, I wonder how I could have ever gotten a wife as sweet and beautiful as you. My heart just seems to come up into my throat and choke me whenever I think of you. And that moon you mentioned doesn’t help any, either. I can just see you now in the moonlight, just as you were that night in Seaside. I’ve relived nearly every moment of our time together, and each memory is just a little sweeter than the one before, each time, the moment seems sweeter, and more vivid. It seems such a long time until we can be together again. Don’t for a minute forget that I love you very, very much, and miss you very, very much. Whenever I think of you, your sweetness and beauty, my arms just want to grasp you and hold you tight against me and so I can tell you you just how much I love you. I’ve tried hundreds of times to tell you, but no matter how I say it, no matter what the situation, the words that come forth just don’t seem to be adequate. You know, darling, that I’m terribly in love with you, and I always will be. No one else could ever take your place with me.

Darling, I’ve forgotten in every letter to tell you that the day I left Ft. Lewis, I got a telegram from my family congratulating us and asking what our plans were. The folks were awfully disappointed to find that you weren’t with me when I got to Cheyenne. Have you heard from Mom yet? I gave her your address in Cheyenne, and she wrote it on a slip of paper, but I’m going to write her again and send your address again in case she has lost it.

Darling, you mentioned that you would like to spend some time with your parents before we join each other, and I thought of a new angle: When school is over, perhaps we could meet in Casper, let you meet the folks, and we could spend a least a few days together. Then you could go to see your folks while I went to the place of my assignment and made arrangements for some kind of a home for you. I want to spend all the time I possibly can with you, but I can hardly begrudge your wanting to visit your parents.

Darling, I hate to think of your worrying about our difference in religion. We can, and will make a success of our marriage, because we are so much in love with each other. Don’t let people worry you, sweet. The best way for us to do, I think, is to come to a definite decision and stick to it. I want so much to make you happy, darling, and I will do my very best to make you happy. We have to understand that our difference in religion does not necessarily have to interfere with our happiness, and it won’t if we don’t let it. Would you do this, darling? I think it will help you to understand my situation better. I think that Bernardette is a Catholic, and if she isn’t, you undoubtedly know a girl who is, and ask her to go with you to see a priest. He can tell you better than I can what my church can do for us and what kind of an arrangement we can make. Please don’t think that I expect you to join my church at all, if you don’t want to, but I think that a priest can tell you better than anyone else what we can do as far as the church is concerned, and it will be clearer to you than it will ever be by having it explained to you by other people. Please, darling, don’t forget that I want to make you happy, no matter what, and I’m not trying to convert you to my faith. You said that you were willing to be married by a priest, and that you had no objections to having our marriage straightened out when we did it so hurriedly. If you don’t want to do this that I have suggested, please let me know, darling. It really is my place to do it, but I do believe your mind will be eased by having it explained to you by a priest.

I must close now, darling, or at least start to close. I love you, sweetheart, with all my heart, and I always will. Please love me as I do you, darling. I realize that ours is rather a complicated situation as far as religion is concerned, but you know and I know that we love each other too much to let anything interfere with our happiness. I feel, deep in my heart, that everything can and will be worked out so as to please everyone without interfering with our happiness at all.

I don’t feel that I have done anything wrong in being married to you. In fact, I’d not feel right to have come down here without marrying you first. I love you so terribly much, darling, and the fact that we have declared our love to the whole world by taking each other in marriage, gives me a lot of consolation. I love you so much that it really hurts sometimes.

They’re going to turn out the lights on me now, so I must close. I love you, darling. Always keep that foremost in your mind.

Good night, darling wife,
Your loving husband

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