All Balled Up

Ft. Riley, Kansas.
Oct. 1, 1942


Just time for a short note tonite, as tomorrow’s assignment is really a stickeroo, and it’s going to take all the time I have to get it ready.

Am enclosing a money order for $75°°, and will send you $30°° more next pay day. I have to get a few things on my uniform and equipment as fast as they come in at the P.X., and if I’m not Johnnie-on-the spot with the cash when they do get here, it probably will mean that I won’t be able to get them when I really need them.

We really got into a tough course this afternoon, involving quite a bit of complicated mathematics, and it has me slightly befuddled. I was grasping the subject fairly well, and then some of those who weren’t got up in class and started asking silly questions, and succeeded in getting nearly everyone all balled up. Boy, it was pretty sad by the time class was over.

Hope to get a letter from you tomorrow for sure. Today, all the mail I got was a card of congratulations from another aunt. She says that they (her whole family) are very anxious to meet you, and that they hope I will bring you home soon.

I heard today that we may graduate 3 days earlier than originally planned, which would make it the morning of Nov. 25th, the day before Thanksgiving.

Darling, to repeat myself for the thousandth time, I love you, so very, very much, and miss you more than you’ll ever realize. Take good care of yourself, darling. Write soon. Give all my love to your folks when you write them.

Goodnight, my darling.

Your loving husband,

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