Fort Riley, Kansas.
Oct. 4, 1942

My darling:

Got your very sweet letter yesterday, and you’ll never know how much I enjoyed it. It was really a swell letter, sweetheart.

I hope we can manage to get together for sure as soon as school is over. I’d want you to feel all right about it, but there must be a way for us to get back together by then. Was just thinking that possibly you could meet me right after school is out, we could spend a few days with my folks, then I suppose I’d have to come back here to be assigned permanently to some place or other, and you could go see your folks until things were a little more definite. We’ll just hope that we can work it out, because I’ve just gotta see you, darling, even if it’s only for a few days.

Went in to Manhattan late yesterday afternoon to do a little shopping for uniform. Didn’t get much done, though. Three of us went in together, and we looked at uniforms, had supper, went to a show, and came back. All three of us are married, and each one of us was wishing that he had his wife along. We were three pretty lonely boys. We were walking down the street towards the bus station, and all of us were very quiet for quite a while, when one of them asked me what I was thinking about, and I told him that I was wishing that I were with you, and then I found that they were in the same boat. Gee, but I wish you had been with me. I missed you so darned much. I know you’d have enjoyed looking at the uniforms.

They have told us that we should have at least one pair of boots and breeches, but they’re not required absolutely. What do you think, sweetheart? Do you think I should get some? I don’t know just what to do about it. Please let me know what you think about it in your next letter, because if I do have to order boots, I have to do it right away, that is order them, because they have to be fitted and ordered. Boots will cost $4000, and breeches $3450.

Darling, please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. If you don’t get your raise, or get something better, please don’t take on too much.

If your teeth give you too much trouble, please get ’em fixed. However, if we can get together, you are entitled to service by the army, and we can have it done by army dentists. They do have good dentists, too, darling. But you do as you wish, and if they bother you, please get them fixed, and we can make out one way or another.

Do you have your red dress yet? Bet you’ll look swell in it, or should I say that it will look swell on you. It’s not the clothes which make you, but you who makes the clothes. You’re so very beautiful that any kind of clothing would look good on you. The most beautiful girl in the world, my Marjorie. Darling, I love you so much it hurts. Wish we were locked in each other’s arms right now, loving each other, kissing, and making plans and dreaming dreams of our future. I’m so hungry for your kisses that I’d give anything if I could press my lips to yours right now. Ooooh! Give yourself a big kiss for me, will you, darling?

Do you see why I want to see you as soon as school is over? Busy as I am now, and missing you so much, what will it be when I do have some time on my hands?

I got you a compact last nite, with the cavalry insignia on it. Still looking for the saber I promised you.

Will close now, my beautiful, sweet, wonderful, lovable darling. I love you terribly.

Your darling husband

Ed. Note—This letter has a bit of shorthand at the end. If you can read Gregg shorthand and you’d like to take a stab at what it says, please do type it out in the Comments!


Ft. Riley, Kans.
Oct. 6, 1942


I’m really ashamed of myself! I wrote you Sunday, and haven’t mailed it yet! Didn’t have stamps at the time, and when I got them I still didn’t mail the letter. I’d have sworn that the letter was mailed until I found it in my locker today.

Went to see the show “My Sister Eileen” Sunday afternoon. It sure was a crazy thing. I laughed till I was nearly sick. They had a Donald Duck cartoon, which was also pretty good. If you haven’t seen the main feature, don’t miss it when it comes, ’cause it’s really funny. Wish you have been there beside me to laugh with me, though.

Isn’t it peculiar about me, though? Here I’ve known you for just 8 months tonight, and have been married to you for over a month, and still my devotion increases each day. It is approximately 4,233,600 seconds until graduation. That is on the basis of 49 days, from now until Nov. 25th. If we don’t graduate until the 28th, it will increase 259,200 seconds.

Darling, each day, you are on my mind a little more, and I miss you just a little more than ever before. When I think of how I’d love to hold you and kiss you, it nearly drives me frantic. I’d like to just hold you in my arms, and press you tightly to me for hours on end. Can you hear me whispering “I love you;” and can you feel yourself clasped tightly in my arms? If I weren’t so busy, I’d go stark mad thinking of your being so far away. Please tell me that you love me and miss me, ’cause it makes me feel so grand when you say that.

Saturday I’m going to town and buy uniforms. I’m really gonna break down and buy. So far, all I’ve bought is a Val-Pak, which is a bag. It’s one of those things that spreads out flat, and can be hung up. Has a compartment for suits, etc., and smaller ones for other items. My wedding trousseau didn’t amount to much, but my graduating clothes are going to be considerably more. Like you, darling, I’m crazy about clothes. Wish we could each take about a thousand dollars and buy nothing but clothes with it. Wouldn’t that be the cats? Wow!

Must close now. Be a good girl, darling, and write soon to your loving husband

Ed. Note—More shorthand!


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