Midnite Show

Ft. Riley, Kansas.
Oct. 11, 1942


I’ve been rather neglectful of you this past week, and I’m truly sorry. The past three or four days have really been strenuous ones, with lots of field work [SMUDGE] (darn this pen!) and when we came in at night, we were plenty ready to hit the pad. As for missing you, though, it seems that I get more time for that each day. We went to town yesterday, three of us, and looked over Junction City. It’s not much of a place, though. I got part of my uniform, the biggest part. I got a short [SMUDGE] coat, a blouse, and a shirt. When we say “short coat” in the army, we mean a short overcoat. I know you must have seen them. It’s really a beautiful thing, a light brown beaver. And I know you’ll be crazy about the shirt. Most civilians would call it gray, but to us, it’s a pink. It’s a gray color with just a tiny touch or tinge of pink.

I haven’t decided yet to buy boots and breeches because I found that unless I got my things all at one store, I couldn’t get credit, and I don’t see how I can do it without at least 30 days credit. I could pay for everything, sure, but I wouldn’t have very much left to run us until January 1st. The boots cost $40\00 and breeches from $3450 to $4100. I may have to get them later on, and again I may not, so what to do about it has been quite a problem. One minute, I decide to get them, and the next, I decide not to.

I forgot to mention it to you, but Speck, one of the kids from the 115th who came down here with me, wrote to his wife and asked her to look you up. She is going to school at Willammette, and they were married the same day as you and I. I’ve only seen her once, which was the day we left to come here.

We just sorta strolled around town all yesterday afternoon, and finally did some shopping. We had a big steak dinner, and then went to the show. Saw “Rings on her Fingers,” with Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda, then stayed for the midnite show and saw “The Pied Piper.” Remember when we saw that together? I nearly died of loneliness for you during the picture, so I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as when we saw it together.

Got a letter from Mom today, asking if we had a silver pattern, and I’ve gotta let her know about that. She said she didn’t know just what to send us.

Darling, did I remember to tell you that I love you? If I didn’t let me tell you know, I love you, very, very much. Please try to love me a little each day. Sometimes, when I get a few spare moments, I wonder if coming down here and being so far away from you is really worth it. When I see other fellows with their sweethearts and wives, it sorta makes me jealous, although I do have the sweetest wife in the world, I can’t be with her. The biggest mystery to me will always be how I ever persuaded you to accept me as your husband. How did I ever do it?

Darling, I hope we can be together as soon as school is out. I want so much to be with you every possible moment from now on. I guess one reason is that I want to show you off to everyone in Casper, and show them how lucky I really am. I’m so terribly proud of you, Mrs. Hopkins, or did you already know that?

Yes, darling, Donna knows she has a new sister. When I saw the folks in Cheyenne on the way here, the first thing anyone said was, “Where’s Margie,” and Donna made it a point to repeat “Where’s Margie?” She says we have two Margies now, and calls them “Our Margie” and “Jim’s Margie.” After she meets you, she’ll probably call you “My Margie.” Everyone is terribly anxious to meet you, darling. Will you inquire as to the cost of going from Salem to Casper? The Union Pacific doesn’t run thru Casper, but the bus connects with it at Rawlins, about 125 miles away. Get the rates to Casper and to Rawlins. If gas rationing isn’t too strict, the folks can probably meet the train at Rawlins. If that’s not possible, the bus would be the next best thing.

I’ve been thinking that if I am assigned to the officer’s pool at Ft. Riley here, about the best thing would be to have you go on home from Casper, and join me here when I get assigned permanently. That would give you the opportunity of seeing your family. I do hope we can be together again by Christmas.

I must close now, darling. Good night, my sweet. I love you and miss you more each day. Save a lot of kisses for

Your loving husband,

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