Glad That It’s Not Us

15 Nov. 1942


Just gotta write you tonite, ’cause I’ve been terribly lonesome for you all day and because if I don’t write you tonite, it will make quite a spell between letters. We go out tomorrow morning and stay out till Tuesday evening, so there won’t be much chance to do any writing till probably Wednesday evening. Hope I find a letter waiting for me from my adorable wife when I come in Tuesday.

Sweetheart, I’ve been worrying about you all day, wondering if you were still feeling badly. Sure hope you are much better, and are up and going again. After you get your teeth taken care of, you’ll probably be less susceptible to colds etc. Please take care of yourself, darling, and don’t get too anxious to be up and going.

Went to town last nite, and check up on my uniform. So far, they have one shirt ready, but they’re still working on the rest of the stuff.

Got a nice letter from Mother Haind yesterday, and it enclosed a note from Daddy Haind. I was surely glad to get it, or I should say, them. I know I’m going to like your parents, and only hope they will approve of me.

There wasn’t much doing today. Went to the show and saw “Gentleman Jim.” It was really a very good show. Lots of laughs and lots of action. Darling, I’d give anything if you could only laugh with me in a movie again soon. “Tales of Manhattan” was here last Sunday, but I didn’t go to see it. Guess I should have.

On Sundays, the lads around here sit around most of the day admiring their nice boots, working on them, and generally dreaming of the the 25th, when they can wear their officer’s uniforms officially. The suspense is just beginning to take hold in earnest. One of the fellows, and awfully nice little guy, has been expecting to become a father for the past week, and the strain of the studies, the approach of graduation, and the suspense of expecting a baby are really telling on him. As a general rule, he’s quite sunny and cheerful, but not lately. Another fellow here is in practically the same boat, but he’s older, and it’s not working so hard on him. At least, it doesn’t appear to be. I’m so glad that it’s not us, darling.

Oh, my darling, whenever I think of your being sick and so many miles away from me, it nearly drives me nuts. I’d love to be with you right at this moment, holding you close to me and feeling that certain special feeling inside me that always is with me whenever we are together. It’s a kind of warm feeling, with tingles, darling, that only your presence can cause. No other sensation is half so pleasing. I only hope I can make myself as pleasing to you, though I’m sure it can’t give you the same degree of pleasure and contentment.

So, you see, the sooner we can be reunited, the sooner I’ll be happy again, and the better I’ll be able to exert my efforts towards making you happy.

Darling, they’re going to turn out the lights in a few moments, so I must say goodnight. Please take good care of yourself, and write soon. I love you terribly, Mrs. Hopkins, now and forever.

Your devoted husband,

Ed. Note: Shoooooorthaaaaaand!


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