Fort Riley
Nov. 19, 1942


Got another letter today from the sweetest girl in the world. Sure hope she is feeling a lot better by now.

Please take good care of her for me, won’t you? I’m leaving that job up to you and Mrs. Jensen absolutely. It’s too bad they haven’t gotten a better place for your new offices. Where are they located?

All I can do is pray for an assignment to Camp Adair, so please pray a little, too. I’d love to have the apartment you speak of, because it sounds like just what you want.

Sweet, please don’t feel badly about owing money. We’ll get it all cleared up somehow, and please don’t let it interfere with our getting together. Wherever I go, I want you to be with me as soon as it is possible for you to get there. We can take care of any little debts afterwards. If, by the time I’m assigned, you don’t have everything cleared up, I hope you won’t let it stand in the way of our being reunited, because I want you so much that nothing else matters. I want to help you, darling, in every way possible, and I hope you won’t feel, as you seem to indicate, that you’re not being fair to me. Darling, I want to make you happy, and I want to be happy myself. So, regardless of your own financial status, remember that I owe all the real happiness I’ve ever known or will know, to you, and to you alone.

Now, an explanation of the situation as regards the money some of the girls are getting. Back in June, the Government started a compulsory allotment plan for men with dependents. The men eligible were those from the grade of private up to and including sergeants. Staff sergeants, technical sergeants, and master sergeants already were eligible for rental allowance of $1.15 per day, so they were not included. The ones who participate in the plan allot $22 of their pay each month, to which the Gov’t. adds $28. They first allotments were taken out of the men’s June check, if I’m not mistaken, and the first payment wasn’t to be made until Nov. 1st. Inasmuch as the plan is now in full swing, the dependents will receive $50 per month from now on. I hope I’m making it clear. I, as a staff sergeant, was eligible for the $1.15 per day for rental allowance, so I was not eligible for the allotment. My base pay is $9600, and then the rental allowance is added to that, making a month’s pay for me, $130.50 in a 30-day month, or $131.65 in a 31-day month. I hope I’ve cleared it all up for you. It sure would be swell if we had it coming in, but we haven’t. Ours comes in every month, and it’s more than any of those under the allotment plan can possibly draw, unless they have several dependents.

We sure had a time out on our overnite bivouac. I was on guard for a couple of hours, and darling, it was really a beautiful night. I spent the whole two hours looking at the beautiful moon and stars and wishing you were with me. Darling, I relived nearly every moment we’ve ever spent together, and some we will spend together. After I got into bed and got to sleep, my feet got outside the blankets and when I got up, I thought they had been entirely frozen. Then that afternoon, we got into a prairie fire, and put it out. So we went from extreme cold and to extreme heat all in the space of about 12 hours.

Glad to hear that your brothers made the air corps. Good luck to both of them, and I hope we can meet them soon.

Darling, I feel pretty low about not being able to come to you on my leave, but as I explained in my last letter, the way things are, it’s just out of the question. If only we could have that time together to give you a honeymoon. I’ll love every moment with you, and detest every moment away from you, be sure of that.

I’m to get my clothes Saturday nite. Some of them are ready now, but not all. The way it looks, I may not be able to get boots. They haven’t come in yet, and if they’re not here by Saturday, I’m going to cancel the order. They should have been here a week ago.

I’ll try to get my ring size Saturday nite, too, my darling. And I’ll try to get a list of Christmas card addresses, too. I’ll do that Sunday, if there’s time.

I must close now, sweet. I love you and miss you more every day. By the time you get this, it will be too late for you to get a letter to me here before I leave, so write to me in Casper. The train leaves here at 11:55 Wed. nite, and arrives in Denver at 7:30 the next morning. We are trying to make plane reservations from Denver to Casper, which would put me home at about 10:00 or 10:30 Thanksgiving Day. Otherwise, going by train, we won’t be there till the next morning, as the train from Denver doesn’t leave until evening. I’ve got the folks planning on my arrival on the train, so if I catch the plane, I can surprise them, and if not, I won’t disappoint them.

Goodnight, darling. I love you terribly, and I trust that you are all well again.

Your own Jim

Ed. Note: Shorthand time!


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