Just Hunky-Dory

Ft. Riley, Kans.
Nov. 22, 1942


Must write again to the sweetest girl in the world and tell her for the umpty-thousandth time. (Conrad Thibault is singing “There Are Such Things” on the radio right now, and it’s really nice.)

My darling, I hope you are all well again and going strong again. The mere thought of you not being in the very best of condition kinda makes me sorry I’m here. Where I’d rather be and where I should be is with you, my own darling wife.

We had a class party tonite, just sort of an informal gathering of the class, together with some of our instructors and their wives. Some of the fellows had their wives and girl friends, too; and you’ll never know how much I yearned for your presence. If only you had been here, my happiness would have been complete. As graduation approaches, I grow more and more lonely for you, especially in the knowledge that even after graduation, it’s going to be quite a while before we are reunited. I say quite a while, because even a moment away from you is a terribly long time. When we do get together again, I’ll be so glad to see you, I’ll probably go crazy, entirely. If I ever crush you, darling, in our first embrace, please remember that it’s because I’m so crazy about you.

Now, to stop feeling sorry for myself. Went into town yesterday evening to check on my uniform. My blouse hasn’t arrived as yet, nor have my boots. My breeches are cut but not yet made, and one shirt is still just a piece of cloth. Outside of that, everything is just hunky-dory. Things are pretty hard to get, materials being so scarce. Gotta keep my fingers crossed, honey, or I’ll just barely have enough uniform to graduate.

Hope a letter came from you today. I wasn’t here at mail call, because we went to town to see if our blouses had come in. They were supposed to be in yesterday, then this morning, then this afternoon, and now tomorrow. We have a full schedule until Wednesday noon, and we graduate Wednesday afternoon at 2:45, or 12:45, your time. No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need it.

Got my ring size last nite for you. It’s size 9. An 8½ fits pretty well, but it’s just a little snug in going over my knuckle. So, I guess either one would be all right. I’m not planning to ever remove it from my finger after it is wished on by you. So, if my hand doesn’t swell with a warmer temperature,8½ would be fine. I really can’t say which is the better, but either one would be all right. Hope that isn’t too confusing.

Darling, I must close now. Remember, I love you so terribly it hurts, nearly. Goodnite, my darling. I miss you more than you’ll ever know.

Your loving

Ed. Note: Teensy bit of shorthand today


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