Squared Around

Ft. Riley, again
Dec. 6, 1942

My Darling:

I’m back in the harness again, and how I wish you were here! Got in yesterday, and spent all day yesterday and all day today getting squared around. Just had supper, and after I write this, I’ll send a card home and prepare for bed.

I have been attached, unassigned, to the weapons department here at the replacement center. My address is c/o Weapons Dep’t., CRTC, Ft. Riley, Kans. Guess for a while anyway, I’ll be a weapons instructor.

Darling, you’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you in the past 10 days. I know my letters have been few, but it wasn’t because I didn’t miss you. People kept me so busy at home that I couldn’t find the time to write. If I stayed home, people came to see me, and if I went calling, I would be out until all hours. It really was a busy few days in Casper. I sure caught the dickens from everyone for not having you with me. You’d think I was the only person in Casper who had ever gotten married. Everyone is crazy to meet you, and especially since I’ve told them how grand you are. The folks are crazy about your picture. The mantelpiece at home has pictures of Marge, Lois, Donna, you and me, and everyone is as proud of your picture as any of the Hopkins kids. So you see, they’re crazy about you already, as well they should be. It isn’t every family which has the sweetest girl in the world as a daughter and sister-in-law.

Darling, though this present job is just temporary, it may become a permanent one, or it may be for several months at least. For that reason, I hope you can join me here soon. I’ll find out a little more definitely some time this week, and I’ll write you as soon as I can find out something. If I’m going to be here for over a month, I certainly want my wife. Do you think you can come after the 1st? We may have to stay in a room for a while, but I have prospects of getting an apartment after the 1st. A fellow I know who is planning to be transferred soon after the 1st told me I could have the first call on the apartment after he left. Please let me know what you think of it, darling. Please consider the fact that our future is indefinite, and we can never tell how much time we may be able to spend with each other. We must take advantage of every moment we can. I hope you feel the same as I, darling.

As for finances, I have enough to see me thru this month, and the first, I’ll have $300 coming. A new bill which just passed will also give me an extra $100 for uniforms, but Lord knows when I’ll get it. It won’t take much for me to go on, darling, so I hope you’ll see fit to come to me as soon as I can possibly send for you. Please let me know your reaction.

This afternoon, darling, I went thru all your letters, and reread them all. I’m forced to part with them, because I have so many that they’re becoming quite a problem. Wish I could have kept them, but I just don’t have the room. I have your picture before me now, and that I’ll never part with. I had quite a time bringing it back with me, because all the time I was home, it held a position of honor on the mantel, and everyone who came simply raved about it.

Darling, I hope your dental troubles are nearly over and that you are feeling fit again. Please write soon, my sweet. I miss you terribly.

Goodnight, my darling. Remember that I love you and need you very much, and that I’ll be awfully lonely until I see you again.

Your loving

Ed. note: Shorthand time!


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