Pretty Quiet

Ft. Riley
Dec. 7, 1942

My Darling:

It is now 12:00 midnite, and here I am in my pajamas, writing to you. I went to bed at about 10:30, but I started thinking of you, and I just couldn’t get to sleep.

Spent the whole day today getting a few little details straightened out. Wend over to Bldg. #93 and got my stuff which had been stored there, got myself a muffler + a hat at the PX, took my orders to the Finance office, went to the quartermaster + drew some sheets and pillowcases, tried, without success, to have a pair of breeches pressed; and generally wasted the whole day.

Guess I start work tomorrow on my new work. I think it will be interesting, and I’m sure I’ll like the work. There are a lot of nice fellows in the department, which should help. The main trouble is going to be missing you, darling. Already, I seem to have had more spare time than is good more me. Most of the fellows in the barracks here are married, and go into town in the evening, so it’s pretty quiet around here after supper. The ones who don’t go into town are pretty well scattered for the evening. Some go to the movies, others to the officers club, etc.

Darling, I was talking to Speck today, and he was telling me of seeing you. Wish I could see you right now and tell you how much I’ve been missing you these past three months. Darling, you can’t realize how much I love you, nor how badly I miss you. Life would certainly have a much better outlook if I could kiss you right now. I’ve tried a thousand times to express my feelings in words, and still it seems that both the spoken and written words are so badly inadequate to express my whole feelings. Please come to me soon, so I can hold you in my arms and tell you again the words I whispered to you last spring and summer. Let me feel your lips again, your cheek against mine. Let me adore you in person rather than to talk to you by letter. Let me make love to my darling wife instead of her picture. I can hardly wait until we can be reminding each other of the moments we spent together last spring and last summer. The trips to Portland and Seaside. The excursion to Silver Creek. To Seattle. The evening we spent walking together in Salem. Our little bridge, where I put the ring on your finger. The scent of flowers and blossoms in the spring air. So many, many little things which go hand in hand with my thoughts of you. Our meeting. The Chemeketan party. Our first real date. Our first kiss. Our first week-end together. Our wedding, and all the fuss, excitement, and happiness accompanying it. Darling, I can spend hours talking with you about all these things. Please pray that we may soon be able to review them together. I realize that we’re going to be hard-pressed financially for next month or so, but I’m still praying with all my heart and soul that we will be able to make ends meet, in order that we may soon be back in each other’s arms.

Darling, I love you as I can never love another. I miss you as I could never miss another. Let me always be your adoring companion. Let me try to give you all the happiness you deserve.

I must close now, my sweet. Write me soon and tell me you love me. Please get well, and please pray that our reunion may be very soon.

With all my love and millions of kisses, goodnight from

Your own

Ed, note: More shorthand at the end of today’s letter.


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