If only we can be together for Christmas

Ft. Riley
Dec. 11, 1942


Here I am again, wondering how you are and hoping every moment to hear from you. It seems as though I had been here for years, but it’s not even a week yet. Guess I miss you a little, or something. I do miss you, darling. Terribly so. I had thought that time went slowly at school, but compared to this, the time in school fairly flew. My skipping around must be rather confusing to you, darling, but that’s the Army for you. I wrote you and told you that my address was Hq., 4th Regiment, CRTC, Fort Riley, Jans. That is my address, but I am attached to Hq., 8th Squadron, which is part of the 4th Regiment. So, if I should mention 8th Squadron, don’t let it puzzle you.

For your information, the 8th is a colored outfit. Yes, I mean negroes. Joe Louis is in the 8th. I don’t see much of the squadron, except a few of the boys who work in the office, and a few who come in on business. There are about 8 or 9 of them who work in and around headquarters, and they’re pretty smart negroes, too. It’s a very smooth-running office. In fact, it’s almost too smooth. It doesn’t give me much work. They sometimes get pretty busy, I’m told, but there has been no evidence of it as yet.

The way it looks, there doesn’t seem to be much of a demand for new second lieutenants, so I’ll probably be here until at least the first of March. There’s nothing certain about it at all, but those are the indications.

Darling, I hope you are feeling well. I know I say that in every letter, but I can’t help thinking of how you sounded over the telephone, how you felt in your last letter, and how you were feeling when Speck saw you in Salem. I wanted to call you tonite, but the girl said it would take hours to get through, so I just gave up, hoping I’ll have a letter tomorrow. If one doesn’t come then, I’m going to call you Sunday, sure as shooting, and I don’t care if it takes all day and all night to get the call through.

There is still a lot of talk of our getting our $100 clothing allowance before the first of the year, but I’m not spending it until it comes in, and that won’t be any too soon to suit me. Even if the hundred doesn’t come, I’m sure I can send you $125\00, the first of January. That should do quite a bit towards getting us on our way to each other, shouldn’t it? Of course, if the other hundred comes in, so much the better for us.

I don’t like to talk of money, but it seems to be our greatest obstacle, doesn’t it?

Please, darling, write me as soon as you can. And if you haven’t already done so in the letter which I’m sure is on its way, tell me what you want for Christmas. If only we can be together for Christmas, darling. Pray for something to happen so we can be. I can’t ask for more than that, my darling. I love you so very, very much, and I want so much to be with you again, it’s impossible for me to ever tell you with words.

I must close now, darling. Good night from you loving husband,


Ed. note: Shorthand, followed by more “standard” writing:


P.P.S. – If you ever want to call me by phone, the Bldg. no. is 2103 + the phone no. is CRTC, Ft. Riley, 2146

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