True To You

Ft. Riley
Dec. 20, 1942


I put in a call for you about 6:40, and it is now 8:55, and the operator just now called and said there would be a 5 or 6 hour delay, so I cancelled the call. I’ve been awfully worried about you, darling. It has been nearly a week since I heard from you last, and it seems more like a year to me. We get mail every hour from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., and never a letter from you. I’ve been afraid you were down and couldn’t write. Perhaps it’s just going astray on account of my frequent changes of address. I can always hope though.

Darling, I was just figuring again, and I figure now that I can send you $15000 the first of January, and still have plenty to take care of rent for January. Do you think with that you can come down? Darling, I certainly hope so. Please say you can! Please don’t hesitate to use all you need of it for your bills, etc., but be sure to leave enough to make it down here. After you arrive, I’ll take over your expenses from then on. Please figure out what it will cost you to come by Pullman and to do what you think is right as far as your bills are concerned, and let me know. If you would rather pay up all your bills there, let me know how much it will take, and we’ll see if we can’t take care of it. But please, darling, don’t let anything stop you from coming to me soon! Every moment I spend without you is longer than the one before. I’m asking you on bended knee to please come to me. All I can offer you, darling, is my complete devotion. Please persuade yourself to swallow your pride where your debts are concerned, because we can eliminate the debts, but until you are with me, I can’t possibly rid myself of the aching loneliness in my heart. I know I’m being selfish in asking you to do this, but where you are concerned, as I’ve told you before, I’m very, very selfish. I just can’t help myself. I still feel guilty at having married you and then practically abandoning you. The only thing I’ve done since we were married which a husband should do, is to be true to my wife. I haven’t given you a home, I haven’t supported you. But I have been true to you, and always will be. So please let me try to make up for these past few months during which we have been married in name only. I can never tell you expressively enough by writing words how much I love you, so please come to me and let me tell you in person.

I must close now, darling. There’s not much else I can write about, because what I have already written is the thing foremost in my mind, day after day.

Good night, darling. I love you more each day, and miss you terribly.

Your devoted,

Ed. note: Surprise! More shorthand.


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