Such a thrill

Dec. 26, 1942


I got your Christmas gift, and, darling, I never got such a thrill out of a gift before. I’m crazy about it, because it’s something I can always have with me. I never have to leave it behind, no matter where I go or what I’m doing, I can always have your first Christmas present to me. It fits perfectly; and I, too, wish you could have put it on my finger for me.

Didn’t do much the 24th. We had the day off, so I slept until about 10:00. Then I went over to the main post and got a haircut, then went over and visited the guy who used to be my roommate back at the 115th. Yesterday, I went into Manhattan and had dinner with Cochran and his wife.

Tonite, I’m going into J.C. and get the dope on a ticket from Portland for my girl friend, or I should say, my sweetheart. I think she’s going to come and see me.

By the way, I just barely did get my gift. I got back to the barracks at about 5 minutes till six, and got the card that it was over at the express office, which closes at six. Just barely got there in time, thank the Lord!

Darling, my ride to town is waiting, so I’ll close and mail this in town.

Thank you, darling, for the ring. I’m saving the bell, as you said to. Will write more tomorrow.

I love you, darling. Good night.

Your loving

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