Dec. 27, 1942


Here’s that man again? Remember the guy you married on the 30th day of August, 1942? Remember that he told you how very much he loved you? Well, he does love you, terribly, and every day he realizes that fact a little more vividly than he did the day before. He can never tell you how much he loves you, because that can’t be done in writing.

When I wrote you last nite, there were several fellows around, waiting to go to town, and I couldn’t get squared around and write a decent letter. So far, this time, I have been uninterrupted, excepting for a leaky pen.

Darling, I do hope you are feeling well again, and that you’ll have no more trouble such as you have been thru the past several weeks. If only I could have been nearby to help you, or at least offer my love and sympathy to you.

I got some quotations on railroad fares to Junction City from Portland, but the guy who gave them to me was rather vague on the subject. Here they are, but I think the best thing for you to do would be to write the passenger agent of the Union Pacific Railroad in Portland, and get quotations.

First Class, with Pullman—$82.18
Tourist Pullman—$64.80

Those are just approximate fares, so it would be much better for you to write the man at Portland. Better still, I’ll write him, and have him send the dope to you. Howzat? I’ll write him tonite, as soon as I finish this.

Darling, you asked me to think of you now and then. Do you realize that you are absolutely the main topic of all my thoughts? The moments when I am not thinking of you are the rare ones, not the moments when I am thinking of you. I’m on needles and pins waiting for your coming. The day you arrive will be a very happy one for me, believe me, darling.

I’ve been enquiring about apartments, but have had little encouragement so far. I’m sure I can get something before you come.

What did you do Christmas? I hope you got to see Aunt Nell + Uncle Doc.

Did you get your gift in time? I hope you did, and I hope that it fits, although I’m afraid it doesn’t. Please don’t hesitate to bring it back for return if it doesn’t suit you. We’ll get you another, or else something which would suit you better.

Please write me again, soon. I need your letters, and I do enjoy them very much, in spite of our bugaboo of finances.

By the way, they didn’t have a bag such as I wanted to get you, but they have some more coming in soon, and are going to call me when it comes. Let me know if you want it when it comes, and what color you’d rather have.

When do you plan to leave Salem? I’ll just about have to know in order to get the right dope for renting a place for us to live.

Darling, I’m still very proud of my ring. In fact, I’m crazy about it, and always will be. You couldn’t have chosen a better gift for me.

I love you terribly, Mrs. Hopkins. Come to me, and let me tell you in person just how much I do love you.

I’m going to write your folks one of these days right soon. I’ve owed them a letter for some time.

Good nite, my sweetest darling. I love you very, very, very much.

Your loving husband,


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