A So-called Night Spot

Dec. 31, 1942


Got your letter today, and it really was welcome, sweet. I’m glad you got to Mac for Christmas, even though they did put you to bed. I do hope you are again as fit as a fiddle, and can come down as we are now planning. In case you don’t realize it, I’m after missing my wife very much. I do so want to have her with me. Nothing can ever take your place with me, nor can no one ever even start to console me for the absence of my darling, the sweetest girl in the world. As you said, we’ll celebrate our Christmas and New Years when you get here. And I’m waiting anxiously for you to wish my ring on me. I’ll be even more proud of it then, if that’s possible.

The train I came down here on left Portland Tuesday nite at about 9. We never had any stop-overs at all until we got into Denver. We got there about 1:00 Thursday afternoon, and left at 4:15 P.M. That brought us into Junction City about 4:00 Friday morning. I wrote the passenger agent at Portland just after I wrote you the other nite, and asked him to write you the information you wanted. I hope you can make it the 17th. You’d best write for a reservation immediately. Please get Pullman accommodations, because it’s quite a long ride, with three nites on the train.

I’ll try my best to get your a fortniter. If they don’t get some in by the 5th, I wont send it at all. If you don’t get it by at least the 12th, you’d best get one there.

You should buy your ticket to Junction City. I’ll be at the train, believe you me. I’ll probably have the platform worn out, pacing back and forth. The 17th is Sunday, which would put you in here Wednesday nite morning. Do you suppose you could make it here by the 17th? That would involve leaving Thursday nite. Or if you could make it by Saturday morning, leaving there Wednesday nite. Am I rushing you? You see, Saturday or Sunday would be the best days for you to arrive. I could meet you, and we could spend the day together, if you can come in Saturday or Sunday. However, if you arrive on a week-day, I could meet you, get you settled, then come to work and let you rest all day. Just suit yourself, darling. I want you to come as soon as is possible, no matter what day of the week it is. As far as all that goes, I can probably get the day off, no matter what day it is. I’m so thrilled at the thought of you coming, I just can’t talk straight, write straight, or think straight. You just gotta hurry! I love you.

I’ll mail you your check in a day or so. It was supposed to go to the bank today from the Finance Office, so I could probably write you a check now, but I want to be very sure that the money is actually in the bank before doing any check-writing.

Darling, I got a nice year-book from the Hainds. It came just a couple of days ago. I wrote them a letter that nite.

I don’t remember whether or not I told you what I did Christmas Eve. I didn’t get up until late. Went to the main post and got a hair cut. Then went and visited some fellows I knew, and then came home. Late in the evening, a couple of the boys called, and we went into J.C. to visit the Rubottoms. Rubottom is one of the boys who went to school with me. We went up to their house, and sat around for a while. Then Mr. + Mrs. Rubottom, his brother and wife, and we three bachelors went uptown. Went to a so-called night spot, but it wasn’t too good. We all sat over in the corner and acted silly until about 1:00. Then we came home, and I sat around missing my wife, whom I love so dearly. In fact, I missed her all nite, but after I was alone was when it was really bad.

My darling, I love you and miss you so very much. Please come down soon. And you are not a sissy, not a baby. You’re a very brave little Princess. Don’t worry about giving me a cold, because I have a slight one yet.

I love you, I love you, I love only you. Be a good girl, as I know you will. Please get well very soon. I love you.

Your own



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