Ft. Riley, Kans.
Jan. 6, 1943
12:30 A.M.


I just had to write you tonite, even though I just got thru talking to you on the phone. I’m rather excited, emotionally; partly on account of having just talked with the sweetest girl in the world, and partly because I’m so very much in love with her. Please, darling, don’t think I’m angry with you on account of your not being able to come down as soon as we had planned. I’m forced to admit that I am very disappointed, but I could never be angry at you. At circumstances, perhaps, but not at my darling.

I really don’t know how long it has been since I heard from you last, but really, it seems like years. Not weeks or months, but years. I’m so very much in love with you, and so very lonesome for you, that the moments are more like days when I don’t hear from you.

I’ve been so worried about you what with your tooth trouble, your flu trouble, the bad weather out there, etc., that I’ve been almost frantic. Please, darling, I want you to realize how much I love you and need you.

Our financial troubles have been numerous so far, but I’m sure we can whip them easily with the check I’m enclosing. And be sure I’m not robbing myself, because I’m not, absolutely. I thought the time I spent away with from you while I was in school was bad, but the short time I’ve been here at CRTC, only a month, has been far longer to me than the 3 months of school. I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you and miss you,—never. Darling, you’re the only thing I have any more. Up until the time I met you, life didn’t hold much for me. It really made no difference as far as I was concerned, what the future held. Now, and in fact ever since the moment we met, life has held more for me. Now I have something to live for, to dedicate myself to you is all I ask. If someone else should come between us, even briefly, the world would never again be the same for me again. Before we met, the world held no joy for me, nor did I consider the future as being likely to hold any real happiness for me. I don’t mean that I was unhappy, but compared with the happiness you have given me to date, I was practically miserable then. If only I can give you half what you deserve in the way of happiness, that’s all I ever want. I can’t help but feel that so far I’ve been a pretty poor excuse for a husband, but please let me do all I can to make it up to you. Don’t let anyone steal you away from me before I get the chance to prove my love for you.

Please, darling, don’t let them work you too hard. Your health is more important than your pride, the functioning of the liquor commission, or anything else in the world. Remember that. The way I feel right now, if I could only walk into the liquor commission office right at this moment, I’d be a one-man wave of destruction. You may feel that you owe them a few hour’s work, but you don’t owe them your health.

Darling, I must close. Write me soon, and please join me soon. I’m more in love with you with each day that passes, and it will always be so. I miss you terribly, and with your statement tonite that it would probably be the first before you could come, I’m practically desolate.

Good nite, darling. I love you, I love you, I love you. Some day soon, I’ll be able to whisper that in your ear. I’ll be able to comb brush your hair for you. If only I could feel your arms around me, your lips to mine! Darling, if I keep up much longer, I’ll be crying again. Crying—–me crying! And you were afraid that I’d think you were a baby!

Good night, darling. I love you more and more and more each passing moment. Please don’t ever stop loving me. Please don’t even slow down in your love for me. I’m waiting anxiously for your letter, and even more anxiously for your arrival.

Your adoring,


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