(Prisoner of War mail)

Ed. note: There has been a two-year break in the correspondence. Jim continued to serve as a training officer at Fort Riley until 1944. He left for the European theatre in August of that year, where he served as a Platoon Leader for the 44th Cavalry, fighting in the Ardennes and Rhineland campaigns. He was captured by the Germans in December of 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge. We now receive the following postcard, sent by Jim to his parents through the POW mail system as laid out in Article 36 of the Geneva Convention. As per the “house rules” of this blog, the card was written on the 10th but appears here on the date of its (German) postmark: January 18, 1945. I’m sure it reached Jim’s anxious family much later than that.

10 Jan 45

Dear Folks: I’m OK and in good health. Hope you haven’t worried too much. Will write as often as I can. Contact Red Cross regarding correspondence with me. Don’t worry about me as I’ll make it out OK. Give all my best to everyone. Send cigarettes and chocolate if possible. Hello Donna Dear — Jim

Stay tuned…

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