Jim spent the next four months in Stalag (Stammlager) IV-B, until being liberated by Allied troops in April of 1945. When he returned home to Casper that May, he was released from active duty and returned to the 115th Cavalry.

Jim and Margie, being adoring/adorable.
In 1949, Jim joined the U.S. Army Reserve. Margie gave birth to a daughter that same year, and a son followed in 1952.

Margie and the kids, Christmas 1952
Jim and Margie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1992.


Jim died in 2003. Their son followed in 2004. Margie died in 2006. Their daughter died in 2012. Neither of the kids had any children of their own. The line ends here.

I believe I may have located Jim’s youngest sister, still living in Wyoming. I am reaching out to the address, in hopes that it is her and that I can return the letters written by her brother, who speaks so fondly of her in them, to the family. Fingers crossed, and no foolin’.

A concise history of the 115th Cavalry Regiment can be found here.

A synopsis of life in Salem, Oregon in 1942 is here.

2 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. So many emotions! Happy he returned safely (knowing that he did didn’t make the worry any less). Sad they and their children have all passed. Then knowing you may have tracked down his sister made me tear up. This has been a wonderful saga. Thank you for putting this project together!

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